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Arise Christian Ministries

“Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the LORD rises upon you.” – Isaiah 60:1

The Ministry

The ministry’s focus is fulfilling the Great Commission – TO GO and MAKE DISCIPLES. Basically, brethren from ACMI share the Gospel to all kinds and walks of people who are willing to hear it. This is done on a man-to-man basis, small group witnessing, mass evangelism and/or crusades, in classrooms, during Christmas and Easter, during wakes and during free medical clinics. The ministry’s aim is that evangelism becomes a lifestyle of the members. Those who responded and are available for bible studies are trained until they too become committed and equipped/disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ. In ACMI, new believers are followed up in Bible studies, man-to-man (one-on-one), if possible. Later, as they commit themselves to the Lord Jesus, they too can help others grow, and the process continues to other generations of believers. 

The ministry has two structures, namely; the GO structure and the NOURISHMENT structure. In the go structure, the members share the Gospel to people and train them to be Christ’s disciples. On the other hand, in the nourishment structure, believers meet together every week as a church, worship together, hear His Word preached, and fellowship with each other. It also organized cell groups to meet the personal needs of believers for fellowship and encouragement. 

For the ministry’s social concerns, the Arise Foundation, Inc. (AFI) was founded to cater to the social implications of the Gospel, i.e., the socio-economic needs of members. The foundation helps farmers to avail of small loans for their farms, come up with livelihood projects, and assists sick brethren all over Mindanao who can not afford medical expenses, especially minor and major operations among poor brethren. The foundation also gives minimal financial support to brethren who are poor for the education of their children. It also works hand-in-hand with other Christian Organizations in the conduct of medical missions in the ministry’s community outreaches (and also other churches). So far, the foundation had conducted free medical-dental-surgical clinics in depressed areas of Mindanao. During these free clinics, patients heard the Gospel shared to them by the members of ACMI.

Our People

The people involved in the ministry are heterogeneous. Although the first fruits of the Gospel were the students, later they became professionals. These professionals in turn shared the Gospel in their places of work, and some spent weekends doing outreach works – sharing the Gospel in other far places. The ministry’s constituents are; professors and faculty members, students, businessmen, office workers, laborers, housewives, farmers, and children.  Some of the ministry workers have also started helping unreached people groups in Mindanao. At present, we have contacts who are members of indigenous people groups, such as, Higaonons, Kaolos, Mandayas, Manobos, and Muslims. Today, we have trained committed leaders from the Higaonons who were ordained as pastors. They are now reaching out to their fellow Higaonons. The contacts from the Kaolos, Mandayas and Manobos are also being followed-up, discipled, and trained. 

Ministry Distinctives



This is one of the main thrusts of the ministry. As mandated by the Lord Jesus Christ (Mark 16:15), Christians should go into the entire world to preach the good news to all creations. All brethren involved in the ministry are encouraged to witness to members of their families, relatives, and friends. Each member is encouraged to make evangelism a lifestyle. 


The Arise Christian Ministries, Inc. (ACMI) is a disciple-making ministry. As a disciple-making ministry, everyone is encouraged to learn from a disciple-maker, until he grows up spiritually, and be able to disciple others, too. The disciple is taught skills in witnessing; memorize scriptures/verses, obedience to the Lord, etc. The brethren are being trained to be Faithful, Available, Sacrificial, Trained, Equipped, Servant-Leaders and Teachable (FASTEST). These are being done to make the brethren become more like Christ.    

Servant Leadership

Servant Leadership is an approach to leadership development. Servant-leadership emphasizes the leader’s role as stewards of the resources (human, financial, and otherwise) provided by the organization. It encourages leaders to serve others while staying focused on achieving results in line with the organization’s values and integrity. The model servant leader is the Lord Jesus Christ Himself (Mark 10:42-45).  Leadership is influence.

Indigenous and Shared Leadership Patterns

Indigenous Leadership

The ministry adheres to indigenous leadership patterns. In a locality, whoever God raised and used to spread the Gospel and follow up others, he is the leader. The rest who are being used by God in that area form a core team to lead, plan, and coordinate ministry matters/activities.

Reaching out to People’s Groups (Communities of Believers/Tribes)

The Bible commanded God’s followers to share the gospel to all people’s groups. God planted in the hearts of the leaders to reach out to tribal groups in Mindanao. At present, we have contacts who are members of indigenous people groups, such as; Higaonons, Kaolos, Mandayas, Manobos and Muslims. Today, we have trained committed leaders from the Higaonons who were ordained as pastors. They are now reaching out to their fellow Higaonons. The contacts from the Kaolos, Mandayas and Manobos are also being followed-up, discipled and trained.

Shared Leadership

Shared leadership should not be a new concept to Bible-reading Christians. Shared leadership is rooted in the Old Testament institution of the elders of Israel and in Jesus’ founding of the apostolate. He personally appointed and trained twelve men. The twelve provided a marvelous example of unity, humble brotherly love, and shared leadership structure. Shared leadership is also evidenced by the seven men who were appointed to relieve the twelve of the responsibility of dispensing funds (Acts 6:3-6). As a body of servants, they worked on behalf of the church in Jerusalem. Based on all evidence, the seven formed a collective leadership council.

The leader does not make decisions alone. He consults with other members of the core. The leadership is being rotated to other members as the core decides. Every member is a co-laborer for the Gospel, not just the core team. The Umbrella organization leadership serves as encourager and help, and reminds each of the areas of the ministry’s vision and mission, and come up with training for leaders. The leadership regularly visits the ministry areas and outreaches for encouragement.

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